Get Involved



What would you like to do?

We encourage everyone to get involved...
Our mission at Cortland Christian Radio is to "sound the
trumpet" of Christ. The volunteers and staff are dedicated
to furthering the minsitry of CCR and WDRX-LP just by
being a part of the team.

From planning specialty events and promotions to the
day-to-day aspects of the station we are always in need of
help with editing, marketing, operational duties,
programming, promotions, special projects, maintenance
and mission development.

Our mission cannot be realized alone...
With your help we may just reach that many more people.
We may just change that many more lives.

Cortland Christian Radio is always seeking like-minded
volunteers. If you feel as though this might be a local
mission you might take on please contact Erich Haesche
607.753.8704 or Email:

If you would like more information on becoming a station
donor please contact the Marketing coordinator Bryan
Lee at
607.229.0808 or Email:

Station Wishlist
The following items are on
our Wish/Need's List If
you know of materials,
persons or might be able
to support the project
financially please let us

Backup Generator
Installation Project
Estimated Cost of $1000
includes labor

Technical Equipment
Expansion Project
includes the following:
Wireless Lapel
(Shure WL 184) for $100
CD Player for $250
Audio Processor
(dbx PA+) for $600
Line Conditioner for $90

Contact Bryan...
(607) 229-0808