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Cortland Christian Radio is seeking to
be fully funded for 2010 and you can
help us to our goal during our
upcoming fall pledge drive.

Our goal is to raise $13,000 in
pledges towards our ultimate goal
of generating $60,000 in 2010.

Be a part of what keeps our station
running... pledge today!

Your donations are tax deductible
and they will help WDRX-LP 100.7fm
help OUR community.
We are seeking pledges of any denomination to help us acheive
our goal. Be it $1, $20, $100 or $340, every penny helps.

Your pledges can be a monthly, quarterly or yearly total - you
decide. And remember that while we do appreciate your
generosity there is no obligation involved. We don't bill you or
your credit card. Pledge fulfillment is left entirely up to you. We
prefer check or money order. But we do have the means to accept
donations online as well.

To place or fulfill a pledge you can...
A. Fill out the online form below

B. Mail a pledge form with check
or money order made payable to:
Cortland Christian Radio
RE: Fall Pledge Drive
P.O. Box 625
Cortland, NY

C. Make a donation or fulfillment online

D. Call the station and make your pledge
over the phone - (607) 753-8704