About us...
Cortland Christian Radio is a non profit, religious/educational
radio ministry established in 2000 by our President, George
Haesche. We are not owned, directed or managed by any
other entity. Our goal is to proclaim God's truth as presented
in the whole Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

The station is located at 1302 Fisher Ave, Cortland,
broadcasting 100 watts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from
our 100 foot mono pole. We are a non commercial Low
Power FM (LPFM) station.

We are listener supported and encourage you to remember
us when you are preparing your contributions. Another way
many people have helped is by volunteering. Actually, we
would never have gotten going if it wasn't for the many
volunteers; and they continue to help daily.

We invite you to come and visit us during our business hours:
Monday & Thursday noon 5 pm. We are located between
Cortland and Homer on Fisher Ave.

Many good things are happening here at Cortland Cortland
Radio. One of the best ways to keep informed is to view our
newsletters. The link is on the left of this page.

If your church or community service group has
announcements that would be of interest to our listeners, we
encourage you to contact us with the information, a least two
weeks prior to being aired. We cannot advertise for personal
or business profit.

You are encouraged to stroll though our web site to learn
more about us and how you can be a part of this ministry.

We hope you enjoy our locally produced programming and
programming from 3ABN Radio.
Meet the Board
President & Founder
George Haesche

Chairman, Treasurer
Erich Haesche

Program Director
Jocey Botimer

Board Member
Patrick Botimer

Board Member
Malcolm Proctor

Board Advisor
Richard Dippold

Board Advisor
Leland Wear